Monday, January 10, 2011

Crossfit Endurance hits the Multisport world

December 2010 - An email from Brian MacKenzie hits my inbox with a familiar name CC'd. Its TJ Murphy, editor of Competitor Magazine, and all the email from Bmack says is " Guy - talk". So, as is typical with emails from Bmack, I had to scan the entire exchange between him and TJ to find out what it was that I was supposed to be "talking" about. Much to my surprise, TJ was looking to talk to endurance athletes who had put Crossfit into thier training regimen. I exchanged a few emails with TJ, and we planned a call. What transpired since that phone call has been nothing less than exciting, encouraging and extremely promising. The end result, a 10 page article in February's edition of Triathlete Magazine, with excerpts from our interview, as well as Bmack at his best.

TJ and I spoke for a couple hours about Crossfit, how I implemented it into my training and how it accelerated my rehab from clavicle surgery, as well as my ability to improve fitness and strength while my shoulder was still healing. TJ and I shared some common ground - he was suffering from knee problems, and wanted to get back to running, but his knee was keeping him on the shelf. After we spoke, he was so pumped, he got in touch with Bmack, and met up with the West Coast crew. The rest, as they say, is history. For more info as to TJ's current journey, check out Bmack's blog -, -"Project TJ Murphy". Long story short, TJ is dedicated to working with Bmack, KStarr, and Nuno Costa to get healthy, and strong, and most importantly, get back to competitive running.

For me, the article is great, and I am honored to have made it in the magazine. I know I owe Bmack for it, as well as John and Nate out of Crossfit DuPage, and my coach, Jenny Garrison. But the article is the icing, the real joy was knowing that my talk with TJ gave him hope that there is a better way to get healthy, and get back to what he loves. Yes, its a leap of faith, but so is any training regimen. The X factor will always be you. I believe in Crossfit, and Crossfit Endurance b/c it is the better way that I have been looking for. But its not mine to keep - the only way to truly help others see it, is to spread the word and show people, first hand how it works and why it works.

My hope is that the article makes Crossfit gyms across the US explode. And I know Bmack is getting slammed with calls, emails, etc, for coaching and advice. And please, keep it coming, b/c this revolutionary method of training needs to permeate the rigid multisport world. The same people who don't blink at dropping 5k on the "next best thing" bike, need to realize that to make that new whip purr, you better get those legs ready. So, before you invest in the new rims or ultra-cool wet suit, find a crossfit gym near you. Talk to the owners, and take a class. And be sure to leave that ego in the car, b/c it will be more humbling than any race you have done. Open your mind, before you open your wallet. Because I will bet that if you embrace Crossfit, you will realize that you might not need those super ultra light rims with the matching speed suit, and goggles.

Stay Strong,