Tuesday, September 29, 2015

EnduroPacks - Innovation in nutrition

Hey all,

As most of you know, when it comes to nutrition, I'm pretty picky. So when I was first introduced to EnduroPacks, I wasn't sure what to think. I did my research, and was pretty impressed with what I read. So I welcomed the opportunity to test the products for 30 days. As I approach the end of the trial, I am extremely happy that I did.

The crew from EnduroPacks sent me their 4 products with some easy to use instructions, which I greatly appreciated. The entire basis for the products - replace the vitamins and minerals that endurance athletes burn through daily. Even when eating extremely clean, the body is still in need of essential vitamins and minerals that are difficult to get in the right amount from food. Repairing muscles after training isn't just about doing mobility and resting, its also about nutrition and the proper timing of it. EnduroPacks takes the guess work out of when to replace what we lose, and how much. Simple, clean, and backed by science. With a flooded supplement market, all promising "bigger, faster, stronger! Stack these 5 supplements that will increase your heart rate, possibly causing you to have a heart attack, but you'll be so jacked!!" Whether its GNC, or the interwebs, where EVERYONE is an expert, its tough for people to get legit, honest info on nutrition and supplementation. You have to dig, be willing to experiment, and most of all, spend the time to research for quality products, that are designed for what you do - specificity is key. The needs of an endurance athlete are not the same as a functional fitness athlete, power athlete, team sports, etc. And its important to make sure you are getting your needs met. EnduroPacks delivers for endurance athletes. Period.

They break down like this -

1. Liquid Multivitamin - Extremely palatable, and digests quickly and easily. Ensures that you are starting your day with the right blend of vitamins and minerals to power the body for whatever you are throwing at it.

2. Concentrated Electrolyte spray - this is by far, not only a brilliant product idea, its also one of the cleanest electrolyte replacement products I've ever used. Light taste, easily digestable - something that any endurance athlete appreciates, and works. Fast. I've used it on long training days, hot, humid days, and experienced no cramping or dehydration issues. And I sweat. A lot. Like its my job sweat. With the spray, I was good, no matter what I was doing.

3. Amino Acid Patch - initially I wasn't sure exactly how the patch was going to replace amino acids into my system. But after using it, I have to say, recovery has been pretty amazing. Easy to use, simply place it on my stomach for the recommended time, and I am good to go. No side effects, no issues, no mess. No powders or pills for my aminos, now they come in a simple patch. Pretty awesome.

4. Glutamine Recovery Complex - Glutamine is all too often mixed in with other minerals in some sort of "high-octane" cocktail, shorting athletes of the right amount of glutamine to replenish your system. These easy to digest tablets, taken right before bed, get into your system while you sleep, so you are able to get the full affect. While at rest, the body isn't being taxed with training needs, so it can absorb nutrients in a relaxed state. In our on-the-go, constantly moving, daily lives, getting in the recovery complex at total rest is crucial to really repair muscles.

Don't just take my word for it. EnduroPacks is making a huge splash at Kona this year with some big names - including American Pro - Andy Potts. Check them out at -


You'll be glad you did.

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